Two Heads

“There was a huge, black snake with two heads.  It was so large that it could swallow a man whole.  The heads began to squabble over who was going to eat him.  Then I woke up.”

Liz Adams experienced uncontrollable feelings that warned of danger.  Her husband, Garret, hated the toll each episode levied and trusted her gut.

Living their dream, Liz and Garret sailed their 36 foot sailboat, Sloopy, from Mystic Connecticut to Key West, Florida, arriving at sunset.  The fiery orb melted across the horizon, cannons rumbled, cheers resounded and the partying commenced.  While out on the town, the cruising couple stumbled upon Jonathan, a friend from home.  That night, the dreams started.  Jonathan was in danger.

Runaway wife, possessive husband, predator, the mob, priest, bartender and cruising couple collided at the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys.  Greed, power and jealousy caused brittle relationships to snap.

Margaret Wilson, fed up with her inattentive husband, Edward, hopped a plane to Key West, where she met Miguel, captain of Predator, a charter boat.  Ego driven and afraid of confrontation, Edward hired the mob to do his dirty work.  A chased ensued.  The priest provided sanctuary.  Murder rocked the tiny island.  Jonathan discovered the body and was arrested.

Puzzled by her dreams and fragments of psychic messages, Liz snooped for missing pieces to complete the picture and free her friend.  Knowing that his wife hunted like a bloodhound on a scent, Garret had her back to keep her safe.

Two heads of the snake, good and evil, struggled from beginning to end until one was victorious.  Each made a choice and lived with the consequences.

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