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Murder in Newport, narrated by Charlie Glaize,  Audio  Book Giveawaynewport  audio square

I have 10 copies to give away to the first 10 who sign up.

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Reviews help me to improve as a writer and storyteller.  I am so grateful for the time and effort that Rockin’ Book Reviews took to read Murder in Newport.  Please visit their site at


Murder in Newport Audiobook Giveway

Free Murder in Newport Audiobook Giveaway.  First 10 to register on the contact form at will receive a free audiobook download at


Winners of the Murder in Mystic Audiobook Raffle

Winners of the Murder in Mystic Audiobook Raffle.

Bri Bruce

Amy Jones

Sophie Bowns

Thomas Cochran

M. Funk

Ray Ferrer

Kendall F. Person

Evan Sanders

Anam Nasca



Last Day

12/12 is the last day to register to win Murder in Mystic audiobook.  Fill out the contact form to enter.

Murder in Newport Audiobook

It’s finally here!  Murder in Newport Audiobook has just been released at  In a few days, it will also be available at iTunes and  Think of those on your gift list who have no time to read.  An audiobook is the perfect way to be entertained on the run.

Audiobook Raffle

Raffling off 5 free copies of Murder in Mystic audiobook.  To enter, fill out the contact tab at  Drawing 12/12/2013

Finally here


I’m really excited!  Murder in Mystic Audiobook is now available at, and iTunes for the sight impaired and those on the go with no time to read.  This is the ideal format for parents who spend countless hours shuttling children to extra curricular activities and practices.  Enjoy a great book on the run! 




Hello Friends,

My personal life has taken a set back, but Murder in Mystic and Murder in Newport are plunging forward.  My husband, Roger, had a relapse of leukemia from his bone marrow transplant 3 years ago.  He is currently undergoing inpatient induction therapy at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD.  We are thankful for the skilled professionals who are caring for him.

The recording of Murder in Mystic and Murder in Newport is complete.  They will be available for purchase in a few weeks.  Gillian Vance recorded Murder in Mystic and Charlie Glaize recorded Murder in Newport.   They are very talented and have brought my characters to life in a way that I could never have imagined.  What has been fun for me as the author, who lives with the characters in my brain, is hearing the story in female and male voices.   I love them both.  It will be interesting to hear your input.

Thank you for being patient with me.  I have not been able to keep up my blog per week promise, but you all have been supportive.

For those that are facing extreme challenges in life, take it one day at a time.  If you are lucky enough to have life going your way, count your blessings.

I appreciate all of you.  Thanks for hangin’ in.


P.S.  If any of you are willing and able, please give blood.  You can save a life.  To this point, there is no substitute than the gift of life from another.  Thanks.