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Key West Conch Fritters

I’m heading to Key West to research my upcoming book, Two Headed Snake of Key West and indulge on MANY of these Conch Fritters.  Can’t wait.




Serving Size: 5

Ingredients 1/2  Cup Celery — chopped 1/2  Medium Yellow Onion — chopped 1/4  Medium Green Bell Pepper — chopped 1/2  pound Conch Meat — ground 1  whole Egg 1  Each Egg White 2  Tablespoons Milk 1/4  Tablespoon White Wine 1/4  Tablespoon Tabasco Sauce 1  teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce 6  Tablespoons Flour 1/3  cup Italian bread crumbs 1/4  ounce Granulated Sugar 1  teaspoon Baking powder 1/4  teaspoon Salt 1/8  teaspoon Cayenne pepper 1/4  Tablespoon White pepper 1/3  teaspoon Italian Seasoning 2  Tablespoons Parmesan Cheese — grated

Directions Mix all ingredients together in mixer with paddle. Or mix by hand.
Put all ingredients in before turning on…do not overmix…do not undermix
Refrigerate for 2 hours. Deep Fry at 350 F. Use ice cream scoop, do not make too big. They will be fairly dark in color when they are done.
Serving Ideas: Serve with cocktail sauce.