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Young Hearts

FreeVector-Heart-Vector-CartoonTwo young hearts

Made of Gold

Two young hearts

Brave and bold


Learn all day

Swim at night

Homework, play

Sleep, goodnight



Keep the pace

Some are won

Race, race, race


Two young hearts

Digging deep

To impart

Nothing’s cheap


Set a goal

Give their all

Swim with soul

Then stand tall


Two young pups

Taught their Gram

Don’t give up

Who I am


Fight the fight

Write, amend


‘Til the end


Two young hearts

Made of gold

Two young hearts

Brave and bold





















Soul Journey

How long I’m here

I do not know

To choose the path

On which to grow


One’s steep with rocks

and overgrown

The other flows

to parts unknown


My choice to float

the river’s race

Without a care

Or effort placed


But soon I find

I’m in a scrape

Rapids, boulders

There’s no escape


Learn to paddle

Find the courage

Steer my vessel

Dodge and portage


I’m here to learn

Life’s lessons taught

To grow my soul

To give it thought


I take the task

Where’er I roam

It’s mine, all mine

‘Til going home

Two Heads

“There was a huge, black snake with two heads.  It was so large that it could swallow a man whole.  The heads began to squabble over who was going to eat him.  Then I woke up.”

Liz Adams experienced uncontrollable feelings that warned of danger.  Her husband, Garret, hated the toll each episode levied and trusted her gut.

Living their dream, Liz and Garret sailed their 36 foot sailboat, Sloopy, from Mystic Connecticut to Key West, Florida, arriving at sunset.  The fiery orb melted across the horizon, cannons rumbled, cheers resounded and the partying commenced.  While out on the town, the cruising couple stumbled upon Jonathan, a friend from home.  That night, the dreams started.  Jonathan was in danger.

Runaway wife, possessive husband, predator, the mob, priest, bartender and cruising couple collided at the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys.  Greed, power and jealousy caused brittle relationships to snap.

Margaret Wilson, fed up with her inattentive husband, Edward, hopped a plane to Key West, where she met Miguel, captain of Predator, a charter boat.  Ego driven and afraid of confrontation, Edward hired the mob to do his dirty work.  A chased ensued.  The priest provided sanctuary.  Murder rocked the tiny island.  Jonathan discovered the body and was arrested.

Puzzled by her dreams and fragments of psychic messages, Liz snooped for missing pieces to complete the picture and free her friend.  Knowing that his wife hunted like a bloodhound on a scent, Garret had her back to keep her safe.

Two heads of the snake, good and evil, struggled from beginning to end until one was victorious.  Each made a choice and lived with the consequences.

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Voicemail, email

Morning chores wait

Facebook, Twitter

I’m connected


Texting, Linking

Never see a face

Or touch a hand

But I’m connected


Day is done

Gone the sun

Missed its fiery rays

But I’m connected


Birds sang in chorus

Flowers flaunted brilliance

Did not hear or see

But I’m connected


Have I missed the moment

Pulse and palette

Abundant buffet

To be connected


My wheel of life

Unable to turn

One spoke unbalanced

To be connected


Sightless eyes open

Awakened, I

Taste, touch, smell, hear

To get connected


With my soul





Beloved Sloopy

Fiberglass, aluminum and sailcloth are the bones, but the spirit lives in the heart of anyone who sailed her.  Sloopy is the 36 foot sailboat in the Liz Adams Mysteries, Murder in Mystic and Murder in Newport.  She is named after the 30 foot Catalina Tall Rig that my husband, Roger and I sailed for 14 years.  Initially docked in Westbrook, Connecticut, she spent most of her days with us in the homeport of Mystic, Connecticut.  As in fiction, Sloopy was our water home and carried us to adventure in New England waters.  Our boys, Scott and Ron, then 17 and 14 respectively, named her.  A combination of the lovable Charles Schulz beagle, Snoopy and the two sail sloop design, the handle, Sloopy, stuck.

The time we spent on Sloopy was priceless.  It took us away from a hectic lifestyle as owners of a popular photography studio to a world where time stood still.  We enjoyed our sons and their friends without the distractions at home.  Meals shared in the cockpit as the sun slipped into the sea are forever burned into memory.  Lifelong friendships were forged with other boaters.

Sloopy is a Champion.  In 1998, she won the National Catalina 30 Tall Rig Cruising Class race in Westbook, Connecticut.

Sadly, we sold Sloopy in 2002, but she continues to be the inspiration for the Liz Adams Mystery series.  More to come.