A Connecticut native, Marilyn Dalla Valle lives in Williamsburg, Virginia with her  rambunctious Sheltie, Randy.  Together they play ball, go for long walks and frequent the shore.

Dance Instructor for 5 years and professional photographer for 30, when her two sons left the nest, Ms. Dalla Valle decided it was time to write.  A fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Clive Cussler and Sue Grafton, the genre she chose had to be mystery with a twist of adventure.

In March 2000, Murder in Mystic, the first in a mystery series, was e-published at Zeus Publications. Within two months it rose to #2 on the bestseller list, was editor’s choice for October and was nominated for the Frankfurt E-book Awards.

Murder in Newport, second in the series, was e-published in August 2000 and hit #7 on the bestseller list within two weeks. By January 2001, it switched places with Murder in Mystic.

These books are now available on Amazon Kindle, Amazon books and for order at your local bookstore.   Murder in Mystic and Murder in Newport Audiobooks are offered at Audible.com, Amazon.com and iTunes.

Two Headed Snake of Key West was published January 28, 2014, followed by Murder in Galveston, published November 2017.  Both are available in paperback, Kindle and audio formats.

In February 2021, Westwind Secrets was published in paperback and Kindle formats.

Ms. Dalla Valle is available to speak to writing groups and book clubs via ZOOM due to Covid-19.  Please use the contact grid to request availability.

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