Murder in Newport

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Murder in Newport- Liz and Garret Adams’ vacation to Newport, Rhode Island aboard their sailboat, Sloopy, resulted in a heart wrenching test of their love and marriage when Garret saw the image of his first love, Rebecca, standing on the aft deck of the luxury yacht, Party Girl, at Bannister’s Wharf. Torn by his feelings for his wife and Rebecca, who had disappeared without a trace almost thirty years before, Garret rode an emotional roller coaster into the hands of the police as the primary suspect of a gruesome murder in historical Blood Alley.
Although the evidence pointed to Garret and she was convinced that their marriage was over, Liz refused to give up on the man who had been her husband, her lover, but most of all, her friend. Forgetting her own pain, she pried into Garret’s relationship with Rebecca, only to find herself lost in a maze of deceit and misplaced loyalties. Through her persistence, Liz discovered the truth that shackled the killer and set the innocent free.

Reviews of Murder in Newport

“This fast-paced novel keeps the reader anxiously turning pages. It was one I could not put down until it was finished. The reader was kept in suspense until almost the last page.”  For more, visit

“Enjoyed the book very much. A classic murder mystery, beautifully written. Newport is the perfect setting for such a tale.”

 “I read the first book in the series, Murder in Mystic, and just HAD to read Murder in Newport next. I loved Murder in Newport just as much as I loved Murder in Mystic. The author is so talented that you become immersed in the story and find it hard to put it down. I was happy to see that Liz and Garret are again the main characters. I really enjoyed them in the first book and was excited that they were once again participants in another murder mystery! This is a wonderful read for those that want to escape for a little bit and enjoy a great murder mystery.”

“I just finished reading this book and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It’s a nice murder mystery with some twists and turns.If you’re one of those people, like my mother, who goes to read the end of the book – DON’T!”


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