Murder in Galveston

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Liz and Garret Adams sailed to Galveston, Texas to celebrate their nephew’s college graduation. Tragedy shattered their joy when Celeste Rogers’ body was found on the beach a few hours before the ceremony. David Devlin, their nephew and the victim’s live-in boyfriend was suspect number one. Suffering from amnesia, he was unable to provide an alibi. Torn between head and heart, Liz struggled for answers. Her psychic gift failed when she needed it most, to save the young man who was like a son. Desperate to prove his innocence, she focused a guilty lens on all the players, including her sister, Jenny, David’s mother and the new man in her life.   


“Marilyn Dalla Valle mastered the art of setting a mysterious plot, in Murder in Galveston. There were several characters who had a cause and could have murdered Celeste. I love how the author isn’t afraid to change the course of her main characters and sets up her next Liz Adams novel with a different view of Liz. I was surprised by the ending and I await a look at the next novel in this series. This was well worth reading and will be a psychic mystery that will not be easy to forget.”

This is a new author for me and I am coming into the series a little late, three before this one, but it was easy to pick up on and was an awesome read. I didn’t want to stop reading….There are a couple twists near the end and one is unbelievable.”

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