Murder in Mystic


English: The Mystic River at north of the .

English: The Mystic River at north of the . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The peaceful surroundings of the historic seaport, Mystic, Connecticut, enticed Liz and Garret Adams to leave their hectic careers and move aboard their sailboat, Sloopy. Only a year had passed when they stumbled onto the remains of a young, Naval officer, who washed ashore at Napatree Point. While waiting for Garret to return with the police, Liz is gripped by feelings that she does not understand and would plunge her into a treacherous search for the killer. With the help of the local psychic, Liz discovers that the harmonious group of tenants that share the dock she calls home is not as it appears. Anger, hurt and rage boil beneath a thin veneer. When a second body is found by fishermen in Block Island Sound, the morbid game of cat and mouse evolves, thrusting Liz into a battle for her life. Friend or foe, she does not know, but the killer looms in the shadows.

Reviews of Murder in Mystic

“I was hooked immediately, and literally could not put the book down. I finished the book in one day! The writer has a wonderful way of transporting you to beautiful Mystic, CT. As I read this book (while cuddled on the couch during a February New England blizzard), I felt as though I was actually in Mystic enjoying the warm summer getting to know these interesting characters. The author keeps you guessing up until the very end with enjoyable twists and turns. It was a great suspenseful who dunnit that I would highly recommend.”

“This book is a great novel that is fun, fast moving and easy reading. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you.”

“Every time I thought I had it figured out Valle twisted like a fish on a hook. She keeps you captivated. I hope she has other books!”


I’m really excited!  Murder in Mystic Audiobook is now available at, and iTunes for the sight impaired and those on the go with no time to read.  This is the ideal format for parents who spend countless hours shuttling children to extra curricular activities and practices.  Enjoy a great book on the run!

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