P1010869 (2)Ice jail or spectacular display?   For a week I pondered the question.  Looking from within, I felt trapped by the jagged wall of ice and afraid of water flooding through the roof.  I imagined eaves troughs crashing to the ground from the excessive weight and icicles impaling unexpected guests.  I shivered from the cold and longed to live where palm trees grow.

When I walked outside, the clean, brisk air filled my lungs and I felt free.  A tiny drop of water caught my eye.  I followed its path down the craggy, frozen barricade and contemplated whether it would add its mass to the tip or fall to the ground.  Each icicle was unique in size, shape, length, diameter and density.  Visions of sword fights atop hard packed snow banks danced in my mind as I chose my favorite.

Ice jail or spectacular display?  I concluded both are correct.  The icicles remained constant.  I was the variable.  It was my perception that changed the icicles from a threatening, exterior force to an awesome creation of nature.  Lesson learned is to look for beauty and stop worrying about things that may never happen.

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