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Nobody Knows


Nobody knows the trouble you’ve seen

Nobody sees your pain

Nobody knows the lessons you’ve learned

Nobody sees the gain


Live! Love! Laugh! and Be bold!

Your heart will be the guide

Sing! Dance! Play! and Create!

With Angels at your side.







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Crossing Bridges



Gentle spirits hover close

Giving guidance

Feathers, pennies, butterflies

Signs from loved ones


Comprehending, understand

Catch the meaning?

Foggy, fuzzy, message be

Earthly limits


Gifted wonder, medium


Souls who crossed behind the veil

Sharing wisdom


Love eternal, never dies

Crossing bridges

Living life with clarity

Thank you, helpers

Sloopy, The Real Deal


Sloopy was the real deal.  My husband, Roger and I, sailed her for fourteen years, three years out of Westbrook, Connecticut and the remaining eleven years out of Mystic, Connecticut.  She was a 30 foot Catalina Tall Rig Sloop, that inspired my Liz Adams Mysteries.

MlynCopy of Sloopy

Best Advice

The Best

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Thanks and make it a spectacular day!





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