2020 SmackDown

Door is about to slam on the year like no other. The pandemic rocked our self-absorbed, instantly gratified existence. Fear, grief, chaos, loneliness, poverty and illness hover like an ominous cloud. It may be another year before the sky is blue, but streaks of light penetrate the darkness. Vaccines bring hope that one day, we will not shrink from physical contact. Scars of grief and loss will remain long after the virus is irradicated.

Although we navigate the same crisis, our experiences vary. Essential workers care for the sick, put out fires, enforce the law, defend countries, keep the food chain supplied, provide public transportation, pick up garbage, mow lawns, plow snow and make repairs. Their dedication keeps us safe at home, to complain about inconvenience and boredom.

2020 delivered a smackdown, but the cloud has a silver lining. Some benefits from forced lockdown are:

  1. Family mealtimes
  2. Homecooked, healthy meals
  3. Non-programmed, quiet time for reflection
  4. Appreciation for people versus things
  5. More outside time, connecting to nature
  6. Work from home independence
  7. Conservation

Hardship teaches gratitude. Humans are resilient and will rise again, but as wiser, tested warriors. Carrying the torch into 2021, we will press forward with perseverance, strength and optimism, for with linked arms we can light the world.

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