You Are Beautiful!

Dammit!  You are beautiful. Stop tearing yourself apart with destructive criticism. God created you in his likeness and image. Each of us is unique. Can you imagine a world of robotic clones?

We chose growth opportunities before we entered this lifetime. Some may have been physical challenges. Learning to love ourselves is the first step to loving others.

Whatever we have, we covet another’s. If your hair is curly, you want it straight. If you have straight hair, you envy those with curly hair. If you are tall, you want to be petite. If petite, you wish you were tall. People love you. If they do not, they are not meant to be in your life. What you anguish over, others do not see.

Get out of your head and love the gorgeous person in the mirror. Let your soul shine through with gratitude. Take care of the vessel you have chosen to house your spirit. Eat nourishing food, exercise and give thanks for your blessings.

The most steadfast jail is the one that you create for yourself. Unlock the door. Be free! You’re beautiful!!!!!

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  1. Erika Leiser

    Dear friend With all my best wishes and heart soul sharing from Switzerland. I’m busy busy like crazy at scool and I’m looking so forward having holidays in summer. Big hug hug hug Erika


  2. Busy is good! You will enjoy Summer vacation more



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