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Boat Load of Trivia

Trivia Shuffle


Feeding my soul and learning a lot by making trivia quizzes. This one brought me back to my high school years. Enjoy!

Fun for the Foodies

Star Wars Trivia

For the Star Wars Fans-


Fan of the Rock ‘n’ Roll King? Try the 20 question trivia quiz.


Bored? Take a break and test your brain power.


FUN break for my foodies.

Trivia Quiz Perfect 20?

This will challenge your knowledge in geography, history, science, movies, sports, music. Learning is growing. Enjoy!

Don’t take life too seriously

Life can be challenging, but may times we worry about scenarios that never happen. We forget to smile, laugh, relax and have a good time. Struggling to care for a family, we forget to play with our children. Caught up in the world’s negativity, we do not celebrate the joy within our four walls. Find time for the things that make your heart sing. Play, laugh, sing, dance, rejoice and be grateful. No one is here forever, so lighten up and enjoy the time. I fed my soul today by creating the below quiz. James Bond is my favorite hero. I hope you can squeeze time to make yourself chuckle. It warms the heart. Enjoy!