Ditch the Blame Game

To blame your circumstances on everyone else is an easy way to relieve guilt. Life deals cards that are beyond your control, but you decide how they are played. Loss of job, home or person can be devastating. The choice is yours to curl up in a fetal position or rise from the ashes.

Everyone has a story. We all get hurt. Bend like a willow or snap like an immovable oak. Open to change and be accountable. Learn from mistakes and mishaps. Playing the blame game prohibits progress.

Be aware of the atrocities and focus on the beauty of this planet. Notice when someone is kind, including small, courteous gestures. Too often we think the news is a representation of the entire world.

Stand up! Be accountable for your actions! Playing the victim grows old. Know that you are worthy with a lot to give. Reach out and offer a helping hand.  Your world will be a better place.

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  1. Lovely post. Sure, we may be wronged, and through no fault of our own, but what happens next is all our responsibility. I believe that haters always come from the victimisation standpoint, and if we all took responsibility for our feelings, that there’ll be way less hate online. Anyway, thanks for this post!


  2. Thank you for your input, Stuart.


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