Ten Ways To Lift Your Mood

  1. Start the day being grateful. If you do not feel it, fake it until you make it.
  2. Exercise. Make it a priority. If you cannot carve out a thirty-minute block, sneak in ten minutes, three times a day. Take the stairs. Pick a more distant parking space. Dance to music, while you make lunches. Do leg lifts while seated at your computer. Stand, twist, move, walk.
  3. Eat nourishing foods. Do not skip meals. Food fuels the body and provides the energy to cope with daily challenges. Hydrate.
  4. Get at least eight hours of sleep per night. There are exceptions, but make them occasional, not the norm. Exhaustion makes pebbles into mountains.
  5. Play. Let out the inner child.
  6. Laugh. Look for the humor in situations. Watch comedies. Laughter relieves stress.
  7. Help others. It takes the focus off your own problems and gives you warm fuzzies.
  8. Shut off the Ego voice in your head that makes you feel inadequate. You are your worst critic. Give yourself a hug. You deserve it.
  9. Get out into nature. Feel connected. Listen to the birds.
  10. Do what makes your heart sing. It may be chopping vegetables, planting flowers, listening to music, dancing, painting, writing, to name a few. Whatever you love, plug it into your life.

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