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Living Color

Born in 1950, I am a dinosaur, who grew up in the days of black and white television.  Our view of the world and beyond appeared in lifeless shades of gray.   The First Moonwalk, July 20, 1969, came to life on our portable black and white TV.  It was considered portable, not because you could carry it with you, but because it was not encased in a cumbersome, wooden cabinet.

And then it happened!  Color TV was invented and flooded the market.  Stimulating hues tantalized our senses.  The world and the heavens came to life.

Color is a way to express our souls.  What we wear conveys a message, a first impression.  A co-worker once commented that all I wore were dark colors and that I should brighten up my look.  I was taken back by the loving criticism because I thought I had been conveying a professional image.   The REAL ME loves hot, Carribean colors.  How odd that I had chosen to silence my inner being and portray a somber image of black, navy and gray.

I am learning to listen to my spirit.  It is difficult to quiet the ego and soar as the Cardinal in his “here I am” red.  Be brave!   Join me!  Follow technology’s lead.  Cast off the blacks, whites and grays for LIVING COLOR.  Be bold!  Make a statement!  Grab a crayon.  It is your blank page to color every day.  Your inner child will thank you.


When life has you down
There are always strawberries

When you think you cannot take another step
The salmons’ trek upstream to lay eggs.

When you cannot bear the pain of this world
There are always hot fudge sundaes

When the light of passion has extinguished
There are flowers, dance, music and art

Always Remember
To feed your soul
And seek the light