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I Am You

Why does man divisive be
When all are God’s creations?
Image, likeness shared by all
Wrapped, unique, a gift to give.

Colors of a rainbow mixed
Each displaying human form
Like a field of flowers wild
Purpose, beauty, journey owned.

Ego drives the wedge between
Fear replaces love and trust
Drop the walls, extend a hand
Diversity enriches.

Hate destroys, devours man
Choose the path to harmony
Live in peace with fellowman
Source descended, I am you.



When life has you down
There are always strawberries

When you think you cannot take another step
The salmons’ trek upstream to lay eggs.

When you cannot bear the pain of this world
There are always hot fudge sundaes

When the light of passion has extinguished
There are flowers, dance, music and art

Always Remember
To feed your soul
And seek the light