Easter Past

Below is a blog I wrote last year. It touches my heart because it reminds me of Happy Easters long ago. I want to share it again.

Easter Past

Early Spring dew blankets the sleepy landscape
Tires crunch gravel in pursuit of Easter treasure
Wide eyed children scan for plastic colored eggs
Four to compete

Grandpa waits with bags in hand
Money filled eggs hidden high and low
Three boys and a girl will run the race
Four to compete

Ham in the oven kielbasa in the pot
Hot cross buns in the warmer
Tantalizing breakfast smells tease hungry athletes
Four to compete

Tension builds as we all assemble
No peeking, not fair scold the parents
A nonchalant glance, who’d notice
Four to compete

It’s time. The bags are passed
Three boys and a girl race through the yard
Snatching pink, blue, green and yellow
“Til they complete

The four dump their bags on the living room floor
Tear open the eggs to count their reward
Two tallies to take- most eggs and most money
More to compete

Starved from the contest, gastric juices flow
The sumptuous bounty spread on the dining room table
Ten crack eggs for a winner, eat what we lose
Hunger full-filled

The children are grown, gone to carve out their destinies
Grandpa and Grandma moved to angel’s realm
Parents remain to eat ham and crack eggs
Four to compete

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