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Sail on, my Captain

Sixteen years ago I wrote the following lighthearted poem in honor of my husband Roger and two friends, Roger and Mike, who raced our sailboat in the 1998 National Catalina Race held in Westbrook, Connecticut.  They took first for the tall rig division in all three races.  Yes, readers, the sailboat’s name was Sloopy, the inspiration for the fictional 36 foot sloop that Liz and Garret live aboard in Murder in Mystic, Murder in Newport and Two Headed Snake of Key West.  Our Sloopy was fast and my husband could make a mighty Margarita.

I am sharing this with you in memory of my husband, who passed away on July 1, 2014.  Sail on, my captain.


The pressure was on

To win a glass cup

Each silently prayed

He wouldn’t screw up


The guy thing, you know

Machismo, at best

The challenge would come

They’d be put to the test


The good Lord was laughing

As they hoisted the main.

These three would need blessings,

And more, it was plain


Wine made from water

Was easy for sure,

But Roger, Mike, Roger

Three races endure?


The task was immense

But these were nice guys

He raised His arms up

And Sloopy did rise.


She raced to the finish

Three bullets to boot

Miracles do happen.

There’s proof in the loot.


The lesson each learned,

To celebrate life

Believe in oneself

Be good to your wife.

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Time for Summer thoughts and Garret’s Famous Key Lime Margarita

Fresh squeezed juice of 6 Key Limes

1 jigger of silver tequila

1 jigger of Triple Sec

1 jigger of Rose’s lime juice

Shake vigorously.  Pour over ice.

Float ½ jigger of Grand Marnier on top

Enjoy!  Repeat as needed!

cover key west



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Soul Journey

How long I’m here

I do not know

To choose the path

On which to grow


One’s steep with rocks

and overgrown

The other flows

to parts unknown


My choice to float

the river’s race

Without a care

Or effort placed


But soon I find

I’m in a scrape

Rapids, boulders

There’s no escape


Learn to paddle

Find the courage

Steer my vessel

Dodge and portage


I’m here to learn

Life’s lessons taught

To grow my soul

To give it thought


I take the task

Where’er I roam

It’s mine, all mine

‘Til going home

Two Heads

“There was a huge, black snake with two heads.  It was so large that it could swallow a man whole.  The heads began to squabble over who was going to eat him.  Then I woke up.”

Liz Adams experienced uncontrollable feelings that warned of danger.  Her husband, Garret, hated the toll each episode levied and trusted her gut.

Living their dream, Liz and Garret sailed their 36 foot sailboat, Sloopy, from Mystic Connecticut to Key West, Florida, arriving at sunset.  The fiery orb melted across the horizon, cannons rumbled, cheers resounded and the partying commenced.  While out on the town, the cruising couple stumbled upon Jonathan, a friend from home.  That night, the dreams started.  Jonathan was in danger.

Runaway wife, possessive husband, predator, the mob, priest, bartender and cruising couple collided at the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys.  Greed, power and jealousy caused brittle relationships to snap.

Margaret Wilson, fed up with her inattentive husband, Edward, hopped a plane to Key West, where she met Miguel, captain of Predator, a charter boat.  Ego driven and afraid of confrontation, Edward hired the mob to do his dirty work.  A chased ensued.  The priest provided sanctuary.  Murder rocked the tiny island.  Jonathan discovered the body and was arrested.

Puzzled by her dreams and fragments of psychic messages, Liz snooped for missing pieces to complete the picture and free her friend.  Knowing that his wife hunted like a bloodhound on a scent, Garret had her back to keep her safe.

Two heads of the snake, good and evil, struggled from beginning to end until one was victorious.  Each made a choice and lived with the consequences.

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Finally Here

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Garret’s Key West Margarita

Fresh squeezed juice of 6 Key Limes

1 jigger of silver tequila

1 jigger of Triple Sec

1 jigger of Rose’s lime juice

Shake vigorously.  Pour over ice.

Float ½ jigger of Grand Marnier on top

Enjoy!  Repeat as needed!


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Key West Conch Fritters

I’m heading to Key West to research my upcoming book, Two Headed Snake of Key West and indulge on MANY of these Conch Fritters.  Can’t wait.




Serving Size: 5

Ingredients 1/2  Cup Celery — chopped 1/2  Medium Yellow Onion — chopped 1/4  Medium Green Bell Pepper — chopped 1/2  pound Conch Meat — ground 1  whole Egg 1  Each Egg White 2  Tablespoons Milk 1/4  Tablespoon White Wine 1/4  Tablespoon Tabasco Sauce 1  teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce 6  Tablespoons Flour 1/3  cup Italian bread crumbs 1/4  ounce Granulated Sugar 1  teaspoon Baking powder 1/4  teaspoon Salt 1/8  teaspoon Cayenne pepper 1/4  Tablespoon White pepper 1/3  teaspoon Italian Seasoning 2  Tablespoons Parmesan Cheese — grated

Directions Mix all ingredients together in mixer with paddle. Or mix by hand.
Put all ingredients in before turning on…do not overmix…do not undermix
Refrigerate for 2 hours. Deep Fry at 350 F. Use ice cream scoop, do not make too big. They will be fairly dark in color when they are done.
Serving Ideas: Serve with cocktail sauce.