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Comfort Zone

Living in my comfort zone
Never reaching out
Circle getting ever small
‘Til it chokes my heart

Gasping, struggling to fight fear
Ego stomps me down
Lifting eyes to brighter light
Trying something new

Inner spirit give me strength
Push the circle wide
View the world with freshened eyes
Cause my soul to dance

Living in my comfort zone
Never more shall be
Chasing all I dare to dream
Trusting wisdom deep

Easter Past

Below is a blog I wrote last year. It touches my heart because it reminds me of Happy Easters long ago. I want to share it again.

Easter Past

Early Spring dew blankets the sleepy landscape
Tires crunch gravel in pursuit of Easter treasure
Wide eyed children scan for plastic colored eggs
Four to compete

Grandpa waits with bags in hand
Money filled eggs hidden high and low
Three boys and a girl will run the race
Four to compete

Ham in the oven kielbasa in the pot
Hot cross buns in the warmer
Tantalizing breakfast smells tease hungry athletes
Four to compete

Tension builds as we all assemble
No peeking, not fair scold the parents
A nonchalant glance, who’d notice
Four to compete

It’s time. The bags are passed
Three boys and a girl race through the yard
Snatching pink, blue, green and yellow
“Til they complete

The four dump their bags on the living room floor
Tear open the eggs to count their reward
Two tallies to take- most eggs and most money
More to compete

Starved from the contest, gastric juices flow
The sumptuous bounty spread on the dining room table
Ten crack eggs for a winner, eat what we lose
Hunger full-filled

The children are grown, gone to carve out their destinies
Grandpa and Grandma moved to angel’s realm
Parents remain to eat ham and crack eggs
Four to compete

Souls Unite

Darkest night

Souls unite

Melding minds

All mankind


Spirits passed

Souls recast




Born of one

Father, son

Pre dawn light

Souls unite














Soul Journey

How long I’m here

I do not know

To choose the path

On which to grow


One’s steep with rocks

and overgrown

The other flows

to parts unknown


My choice to float

the river’s race

Without a care

Or effort placed


But soon I find

I’m in a scrape

Rapids, boulders

There’s no escape


Learn to paddle

Find the courage

Steer my vessel

Dodge and portage


I’m here to learn

Life’s lessons taught

To grow my soul

To give it thought


I take the task

Where’er I roam

It’s mine, all mine

‘Til going home


Voicemail, email

Morning chores wait

Facebook, Twitter

I’m connected


Texting, Linking

Never see a face

Or touch a hand

But I’m connected


Day is done

Gone the sun

Missed its fiery rays

But I’m connected


Birds sang in chorus

Flowers flaunted brilliance

Did not hear or see

But I’m connected


Have I missed the moment

Pulse and palette

Abundant buffet

To be connected


My wheel of life

Unable to turn

One spoke unbalanced

To be connected


Sightless eyes open

Awakened, I

Taste, touch, smell, hear

To get connected


With my soul





Living Color

Born in 1950, I am a dinosaur, who grew up in the days of black and white television.  Our view of the world and beyond appeared in lifeless shades of gray.   The First Moonwalk, July 20, 1969, came to life on our portable black and white TV.  It was considered portable, not because you could carry it with you, but because it was not encased in a cumbersome, wooden cabinet.

And then it happened!  Color TV was invented and flooded the market.  Stimulating hues tantalized our senses.  The world and the heavens came to life.

Color is a way to express our souls.  What we wear conveys a message, a first impression.  A co-worker once commented that all I wore were dark colors and that I should brighten up my look.  I was taken back by the loving criticism because I thought I had been conveying a professional image.   The REAL ME loves hot, Carribean colors.  How odd that I had chosen to silence my inner being and portray a somber image of black, navy and gray.

I am learning to listen to my spirit.  It is difficult to quiet the ego and soar as the Cardinal in his “here I am” red.  Be brave!   Join me!  Follow technology’s lead.  Cast off the blacks, whites and grays for LIVING COLOR.  Be bold!  Make a statement!  Grab a crayon.  It is your blank page to color every day.  Your inner child will thank you.


When life has you down
There are always strawberries

When you think you cannot take another step
The salmons’ trek upstream to lay eggs.

When you cannot bear the pain of this world
There are always hot fudge sundaes

When the light of passion has extinguished
There are flowers, dance, music and art

Always Remember
To feed your soul
And seek the light