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P1020537 (2).jpgBelieve, for He is there

To light your path through darkest days

And lift you onto Angels’ wings

To soar above the clouds.


Creation bursts, new life

Each Spring to coat the Earth with green

Varieties of animals

Know love is in the air


Rejoice! Renew! Give Thanks!

As magical events unfold

Have faith, in awe of mystery

Believe, His hand is there!


sunrise CW


Thank you for the motivation

To craft another day

Drawing life with inspiration

Bright colors fill the page


Dreams are magical creations

Be grateful for the thoughts

Journey’s yours from incarnation

Unique as snowflakes fall.

Cross to Bear

IMG_1929 (1) (2)


What cross is that you bear,

The one you chose at incarnation

To grow, to learn, to raise

Your place in heaven’s realm?


I know not what that is

Eternity awaits completion

Persist, sustain, excel

At Home rewards are yours.

I am Me


“Make good choices,” 

Wise man said.

“What you do is

On your head.”


Blame not others

For your act

Own decisions

Write a pact


“Who I am, I

Choose to be 

Good or bad, I

Must be me.”

Marilyn Dalla Valle Challenge








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Magical Thoughts





On the brink of changing seasons

Chapters flipping, mind creations

Leading to the next adventure

Thoughts become reality


Write the path of great abundance

Firmly placed in one’s intentions

Open mind and heart, acceptance

Grateful, life is magical!

Check it out……..

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