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Lost Valentine



I walk the beach, our favored spot

Searching for my love.

Pink puffs on blue, sun bursting through

Hopes are riding high


Be this the day I see his face

Finding his way back

To hearth and home, his family

Awaiting safe return?


I see a man.  He’s coming near

Bursting is my heart

The gait is wrong, the build not his

Smashed to smithereens


The gulls are screaming, “Silly girl.

Spirits walk with God.

You look for him, but cannot see.

Open up your mind.”


“A special date, a butterfly,

Feathers, pennies find

A rainbow stretched across the sky

Messages of love.”

Star Upon The Tree

I set the star upon the tree

A special place on top

Reminder of past Christmases

I spent with my life’s love


Did I appreciate those days

While running to and fro

Or did I miss the best of times

Wrapped up in Christmas rush?


The baking, cooking, trim the tree,

Will all of it be done

Before the family arrives

For dinner Christmas eve



We’d stay up late to build the toys

Exhausted, went to bed

Excited boys would wake by five

To see what Santa left


I cannot travel back in time

To capture what was lost

My photos of past holidays

Forever warm my heart


That special star upon the tree

Burns brighter from above

His spirit lives forever more

In everlasting love












Surviving Loss

Stand tall to do it all

Accepting help with grace

The sense of loss will fade

The healing’s not a race


Reach out to those in need

Give all that you can spare

Your heart will fill with love

While showing that you care


Be good to you!  Sing!  Dance!

In time the joy returns

Your world will right itself

As everyone learns


Enjoy each day with thanks

A gift is what it’s called

From up above it comes

Stand tall to do it all


Ten Fingers, Ten Toes

Ten little fingers, ten tiny toes

Delicate lashes,  two eyelids closed

Bundle wrapped tightly, snuggled to Mom

God’s gift, a wonder, miracle born


A soul enters Earth, parents to guide

Journey, learning, a lifetime of growth

Mother obsessing, teaching with love

Babe grabs her heart, never to part


Adulthood arrives, a man departs

With roots and wings gifted from home

Fly away, son, and make your own way

You know that I love you forever


Ten little fingers, ten tiny toes

Delicate lashes,  two eyelids closed

Bundle wrapped tightly, snuggled to me

Thanks for two gifts, for I am called MOM





Easter Past

Below is a blog I wrote last year. It touches my heart because it reminds me of Happy Easters long ago. I want to share it again.

Easter Past

Early Spring dew blankets the sleepy landscape
Tires crunch gravel in pursuit of Easter treasure
Wide eyed children scan for plastic colored eggs
Four to compete

Grandpa waits with bags in hand
Money filled eggs hidden high and low
Three boys and a girl will run the race
Four to compete

Ham in the oven kielbasa in the pot
Hot cross buns in the warmer
Tantalizing breakfast smells tease hungry athletes
Four to compete

Tension builds as we all assemble
No peeking, not fair scold the parents
A nonchalant glance, who’d notice
Four to compete

It’s time. The bags are passed
Three boys and a girl race through the yard
Snatching pink, blue, green and yellow
“Til they complete

The four dump their bags on the living room floor
Tear open the eggs to count their reward
Two tallies to take- most eggs and most money
More to compete

Starved from the contest, gastric juices flow
The sumptuous bounty spread on the dining room table
Ten crack eggs for a winner, eat what we lose
Hunger full-filled

The children are grown, gone to carve out their destinies
Grandpa and Grandma moved to angel’s realm
Parents remain to eat ham and crack eggs
Four to compete