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News Flash!!!!!!



We are all one

Begotten of the source

Equal are we,

God given perfection


Get real, people!

Money, status, job, things

Nothing matters

Illness, death level field


Time to treat all

With respect, dignity

For I am you

And you are the next guy


Connected souls

For eternity bound

I reflect you

You, my mirror image


All shapes, colors,

Sizes of perfection

God’s creations

Sent to spread love and learn


Ditch the ego’s fear

Reach for diversity

Angels’ colors

Crayons of the universe


Molten Earth spins

No strings, no guides to hold

Orb from plunging

Into vast nothingness


Creation rules

Love guides the universe

Be encompassed

Compassion, harmony

Through the Veil

Messages from those beyond

Shunned in disbelief

Man rejects unseen attempts

Comprehend cannot


Spirits made of energy

Not of solid mass

Subtle twinges unexplained

Love from nearby realm


Feathers, pennies, dragonflies

Birds, the love they bring

Open heart and mind receive

Songs through veil they sing



I Am You

Why does man divisive be
When all are God’s creations?
Image, likeness shared by all
Wrapped, unique, a gift to give.

Colors of a rainbow mixed
Each displaying human form
Like a field of flowers wild
Purpose, beauty, journey owned.

Ego drives the wedge between
Fear replaces love and trust
Drop the walls, extend a hand
Diversity enriches.

Hate destroys, devours man
Choose the path to harmony
Live in peace with fellowman
Source descended, I am you.



Love is won

Love is lost

Love is earned

Love is tossed


Kill for love

Die for love

Fight for love

Cry for love


Chasing love

Not the way

Giving love

Makes the day


Share your love

Not with string

Freely give

Heart will sing


Springtime brings a ray of hope

Buried by short days and cold

Wander out, to feel the warmth

Renewed and cleansed, reborn


Robin redbreast welcome back

Daffodils salute the change

Buds are forming on the trees

Awaken to the blessings


Darkness, brightness, yin and yang

Minus one, you’d never know

Beauty, loving, heat and light

Awaken to the blessings


Be aware, live gratitude

Find flickers in the nightscape

See the beauty, love abounds

Awaken to the blessings

Spirit Shouts

My spirit shouts

To give up doubts

And live life’s Love

As shared above


Relinquish pride

Forgive inside

Let drama go

Seek peace to know


My spirit shouts

Remove the pouts

Adorn my face

With smiles of grace


Give love to all

Is Heaven’s call

Love’s energy



And so my friend

It all depends

What choice you make

Which path to take


My spirit shouts

To give up doubts

I choose the Love

From up above

Easter Past

Below is a blog I wrote last year. It touches my heart because it reminds me of Happy Easters long ago. I want to share it again.

Easter Past

Early Spring dew blankets the sleepy landscape
Tires crunch gravel in pursuit of Easter treasure
Wide eyed children scan for plastic colored eggs
Four to compete

Grandpa waits with bags in hand
Money filled eggs hidden high and low
Three boys and a girl will run the race
Four to compete

Ham in the oven kielbasa in the pot
Hot cross buns in the warmer
Tantalizing breakfast smells tease hungry athletes
Four to compete

Tension builds as we all assemble
No peeking, not fair scold the parents
A nonchalant glance, who’d notice
Four to compete

It’s time. The bags are passed
Three boys and a girl race through the yard
Snatching pink, blue, green and yellow
“Til they complete

The four dump their bags on the living room floor
Tear open the eggs to count their reward
Two tallies to take- most eggs and most money
More to compete

Starved from the contest, gastric juices flow
The sumptuous bounty spread on the dining room table
Ten crack eggs for a winner, eat what we lose
Hunger full-filled

The children are grown, gone to carve out their destinies
Grandpa and Grandma moved to angel’s realm
Parents remain to eat ham and crack eggs
Four to compete